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💨 Destructive Stenches and how to Destroy Said Scents ⚔️🌼

My first Vlog for Hello Fantastic Day encompasses some pretty horrific smells I have had to deal with! No doubt, you have also had to take care of some stenches at your home or work.

This video has numerous techniques that had the best result. If you’re not into Vlogs, I have accommodated you with a loose outline of the text below the video 😉


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Share your deodorizer specialties and favorites with me!


And now for a loose script of the Vlog:

Working at a Resort guarantees you will come across weird, horrifying and sad smells (yes, smells can be sad). Therefore, we have tested many deodorizers that claim spectacularly great smelling results…as you can well imagine, most of them suck.

So let’s take a look at the smell origin that matches the best deodorizer. That way, if you ever come across scents that kill in your own home, or work, you can demolish them without wasting your own time or money. Sweet!

Smell 1: Fish!! Yay, fish smell. For some reason, we have had multiple guests clean, cook and wash down the drain many a fresh fish – The Resort is on two bodies of water, it is to be expected. I remember recently, after a guest left, we found they had cooked fresh fish in their room. Generally, no matter what you do, fish smell doesn’t come out for minimum 1 week, more like 2 or 3. But, we had a full house coming in for the weekend, and had no choice but to rent the room.

For four days we mopped, scrubbed the kitchen, wiped down walls, opened windows, sprayed nasty bathroom spray, and nothing helped. Finally, on the day they were to arrive, we placed three plug-ins in their room, plus three scented room deodorizers. Now it smelled like deodorizer, but it wasn’t quite enough.

It was time for a SECRET WEAPON – Changing the air conditioner filter.

The filter was pretty dirty, so I popped in a newbie AND to add a double whammy, we got a/c filter attachments that push “fresh linen” scent into the a/c ducts and all over the unit. When I brought the woman to her room upon check-in, she said nothing of the (now slightly) fish smelling room. Success!!

So any lingering funky smells like fish, wet dog, wet carpet, you name it, try changing your air filter and investing in a good smelling air filter attachment.

Smell 2: Smoke….Oh my absolutely most hated smell. While we tried a “smoke deodorizer” and odo-ban (one of the most recommended by housekeepers, but I just don’t see why) scrubbing the walls, floor and changing all the bedding/towels, we also opened up the room and let the breeze blow through, but it wasn’t enough.

I believe all of this helped, but the real winner was the smoke had settled in the drapes. So when we took down the drapes, the smell was reduced immensely. Smoke sits in any fabric like a cement block in a pool. After the drapes were removed, I tried one last recommended product – Citrus Natural Freshener. I can’t even put into words how much I love this stuff, but I will of course try… Not only is this stuff all natural, it somehow smacks all those nasty stenches in the face when you use it. I get it on Amazon for about $11 per container. In a regularly poor smelling room (leftover garbage smell for example) you can spray it two little sprays per room and be done. In a smoke filled room, I just spray it like crazy and keep backing up, ultimately closing the door so I don’t breath in the citrus oils.

Trick List:

  • Lower the air conditioner (or open all the windows if it’s cold outside) so it’s not baking in the heat of the room.
  • Remove all the fabrics in a room that’s been tainted by stench as soon as possible and wash them.
  • Replace the air filter and combine it with a freshener attachment.
  • Place a couple plug-ins or use a essential oil diffusor.
  • Get yourself some citrus air freshener.


If you have any deodorizers you swear by, or tricks for smell removal, I am all ears! Please leave me a comment and let me know your best recommendations.

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