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💨 Destructive Stenches and how to Destroy Said Scents ⚔️🌼

My first Vlog for Hello Fantastic Day encompasses some pretty horrific smells I have had to deal with! No doubt, you have also had to take care of some stenches at your home or work.

This video has numerous techniques that had the best result. If you’re not into Vlogs, I have accommodated you with a loose outline of the text below the video 😉


Get your Pure Citrus air freshener here.

Share your deodorizer specialties and favorites with me!


And now for a loose script of the Vlog:

Working at a Resort guarantees you will come across weird, horrifying and sad smells (yes, smells can be sad). Therefore, we have tested many deodorizers that claim spectacularly great smelling results…as you can well imagine, most of them suck.

So let’s take a look at the smell origin that matches the best deodorizer. That way, if you ever come across scents that kill in your own home, or work, you can demolish them without wasting your own time or money. Sweet!

Smell 1: Fish!! Yay, fish smell. For some reason, we have had multiple guests clean, cook and wash down the drain many a fresh fish – The Resort is on two bodies of water, it is to be expected. I remember recently, after a guest left, we found they had cooked fresh fish in their room. Generally, no matter what you do, fish smell doesn’t come out for minimum 1 week, more like 2 or 3. But, we had a full house coming in for the weekend, and had no choice but to rent the room.

For four days we mopped, scrubbed the kitchen, wiped down walls, opened windows, sprayed nasty bathroom spray, and nothing helped. Finally, on the day they were to arrive, we placed three plug-ins in their room, plus three scented room deodorizers. Now it smelled like deodorizer, but it wasn’t quite enough.

It was time for a SECRET WEAPON – Changing the air conditioner filter.

The filter was pretty dirty, so I popped in a newbie AND to add a double whammy, we got a/c filter attachments that push “fresh linen” scent into the a/c ducts and all over the unit. When I brought the woman to her room upon check-in, she said nothing of the (now slightly) fish smelling room. Success!!

So any lingering funky smells like fish, wet dog, wet carpet, you name it, try changing your air filter and investing in a good smelling air filter attachment.

Smell 2: Smoke….Oh my absolutely most hated smell. While we tried a “smoke deodorizer” and odo-ban (one of the most recommended by housekeepers, but I just don’t see why) scrubbing the walls, floor and changing all the bedding/towels, we also opened up the room and let the breeze blow through, but it wasn’t enough.

I believe all of this helped, but the real winner was the smoke had settled in the drapes. So when we took down the drapes, the smell was reduced immensely. Smoke sits in any fabric like a cement block in a pool. After the drapes were removed, I tried one last recommended product – Citrus Natural Freshener. I can’t even put into words how much I love this stuff, but I will of course try… Not only is this stuff all natural, it somehow smacks all those nasty stenches in the face when you use it. I get it on Amazon for about $11 per container. In a regularly poor smelling room (leftover garbage smell for example) you can spray it two little sprays per room and be done. In a smoke filled room, I just spray it like crazy and keep backing up, ultimately closing the door so I don’t breath in the citrus oils.

Trick List:

  • Lower the air conditioner (or open all the windows if it’s cold outside) so it’s not baking in the heat of the room.
  • Remove all the fabrics in a room that’s been tainted by stench as soon as possible and wash them.
  • Replace the air filter and combine it with a freshener attachment.
  • Place a couple plug-ins or use a essential oil diffusor.
  • Get yourself some citrus air freshener.


If you have any deodorizers you swear by, or tricks for smell removal, I am all ears! Please leave me a comment and let me know your best recommendations.

📝 Resumes – The Good, the Bad and the ever so special… ⭐⭐

Part of the Words can Make or Break You series.

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I love reading resumes. I have perused hundreds to find the right person who would work in a stressful, high chaos job. Resumes are a window into what a person has accomplished. It also shows the person’s ability to organize, be detail oriented, communicate, and how much effort they are willing to put into something important.

I will provide you with a few real resume excerpts that impressed me, some that were poorly written, and some that were absolutely hilarious. All of this information may help you better understand how well your own resume looks in the eyes of a potential employer. Hopefully, you can also see what needs improvement. If not, drop me a line and I’d be happy to give a few pointers: Sarah@hellofantasticday.com

Resumes generally have four parts – The Introduction Sentence – Work Experience – Skills – College or Training Degrees. If you’re really good you’ll provide a couple recommendation letters as well. I always enjoy those.

There is no specific way you should template these out. In fact, the less words and the more conciseness, the better. Employers want to get to the point – Are you what we want or not?

So, let’s get to the entertainment, shall we?


Here are some of my favorites:

Did you catch it? “Ability to function within high level of ambiguity.” It makes me laugh every time I read it. So clever yet confusing – What does it really mean? Well, if you’ve ever had to work in an environment where policies are always changing, seasons create new challenges, people are getting hired and fire, and guests (aka customers) are NOT always right (that’s another post though), then you understand.


This one is a bit drawn out. First, I’d try coming up with a catchier title than “Laborer/Helper”. Perhaps “Assistant Manager” or even “Project Foreman” would be imaginative enough. Then this applicant’s greatest accomplishment at their job was “I would say just being able to give my boss a hand”. Too wordy and not specific enough. I hope everyone gives their boss a hand…that’s our job, right? Otherwise, I wouldn’t need a resume, I’d be the boss.

But let’s pick on someone else, shall we?


Aside from the horrible grammar here, I appreciate that this person can stand for long periods of time.
Maybe I’m the only one, but did anyone else learn about parallelism? If not, now is the time, because it makes a HUGE difference. When you are listing things off, please for the love of Peter, make sure you start each item with the same part of speech — Such as all verbs, all adverbs or adjectives followed by a verb. Examples always help — Here are my skills:

  • Creating drama in the workplace.
  • Providing horrible customer service.
  • Offering nothing special at all.
  • Developing tension between employees.

Do you see how each item started with a verb. Verbs are so strong – Use them!! Parallelism creates a neatness when reading and your future employer will call you rather than pass you by.

Hopefully we have all learned a little something here.

Comment with your feedback about the content I write – What you’d like to see or learn about would be a great place to start!

Next time, I’m thinking we will do a Video Blog…A Vlog? About various smell issues I’ve come across at work. Tune in next week!

🌊 Lounge Chair Drama 🏖️ 🌞




Part of the Words can Make or Break You series.

Warning: Some of these events may be graphic in nature. Reader discretion is advised. Dates, locations and names have been altered to protect the anonymity of the persons involved. All stories are intended to be a means of teaching a moral or resolution for similar issues you may encounter.

Let’s begin the story…

I just knelt down in the sand next to a gentleman sunning himself on our chaise lounge. His black speedo, sweat and certain unmentionable areas were speaking quite loudly even though I refused to look.

Uncomfortable? Yes. Necessary? Apparently…

I was informed this morning that our new beach lounge chairs at our private beach were being used by guests of another hotel. This is where I realized a very important sign I made yesterday was worded in a way that welcomed non-guests to use the chairs…or should I say, did not tell them they couldn’t use the chairs.

So let’s take a look at that sign:


My focus here was to ensure the sea turtles could nest properly so we do not get fined by the turtle enthusiasts.

Mission accomplished.

So why was I uncomfortably close to a man sporting his speedo?

Here’s what happened: The above couple parked down the road, walked to our place, crossed the resort property to our private beach, read the sign and assumed it was A-OK to use the lounge chairs.

My Resort guests, golden hearts that they have, let me know when I arrived this morning of the situation. Could I have better guests? (That’s not to say I don’t receive crazy ones, too. If you keep reading this blog you would know that for certain).

So I promptly made a new sign under angered fervor to right the situation.

Success once again!

I then made the uncomfortable walk to the beach – Only because I knew I’d have to confront these people, and I am not fond of confrontations.  After removing all the old signs but one, and replacing with new, I ventured to the last sign. This one was on the handle of the gentleman’s beach chair. He was face down. Here we go…

Yes. This is what Wednesdays are all about!!

Fortunately my desire to make the situation correct outweighed my discomfort. I removed the old sign and replaced it with the new one. I kindly asked if the couple was staying with us. To which they replied they weren’t even staying nearby.
“That’s fine,” I said, “these chairs are for resort guests only, though. I can rent them to you for $20 a day. We just got them, so I haven’t had time to get reserve signs for them yet.”

3 days. That’s all it took for someone to find these chairs stacked on the beach and use them without abandon.

All is well. At this point I decide they are probably about a 4.5 on the crazy meter. I decide to check on them later.

However, further events transpired.

It’s a beach for goodness sakes!! Go down the road to the public beach!!

Anyway, the gentleman puts his shorts on (Praise God), walks down the road, gets his OWN CHAIRS, and comes walking back. Holy crap man.

So I walk out to talk to him again, and let him know that I cannot allow him to use our property to get to our private beach. It is for liability purposes. I cannot let him get hurt on our property.  There is a public beach just down the road.

“So, I can’t walk across your property?” He asks.
“No”, I said (Didn’t I just say that?)

“Ok.” He says and walks to the beach through our property. I don’t care, just don’t walk back through here again or I may not be so kind. What is the saying – Three strikes and you’re out?

Hopefully I won’t see them again. They topped of the crazy meter at a solid 5.5 in the end.

Let this be a lesson to all of us – How our words can make or break a situation. Something I have learned about exponentially since I began in the hospitality industry.


Have you ever said or written something that was taken the wrong way? Share it with me!

Next time: I’ll take a look at some funny, extraordinary and horrible resumes.

🛏️ Hospitality and People 👤



For about a year now, I have had a strong desire to share the outrageous stories and happenings of people.

While we all have a little bit of crazy in us, I believe some tip the scale at a ten, while others mellow around a one or two. It’s those tens that really get me. I wonder what they are thinking, what their reasoning is, and most of all how they have survived this long.



I started a job at a beach resort that I would grow to love and enjoy, and I realized these people were everywhere. They came from all over the world – Crazy doesn’t have a country of origin. It doesn’t have an age. It can occasionally be blamed on alcohol, but otherwise it’s just plain entertaining.

While it is amusing, I also learned more than I ever did in college in just one year at a beach resort (Not to discount my higher education, for that was immensely helpful, too).  From learning how to sell a room, to what I should do if chaos erupts or how to give people a positive answer when you’re really telling them no – I obtained much and still have a long way to go. I believe a lot of these principals can apply to the hospitality industry as well as anyone running a business or working with customers.


My intention is to share these insights with you, so you can perform better at work, gain more confidence in your abilities, and approach situations knowing you can solve any problem (even if no one has encountered it before).

Please share your ideas with me – Stories – Insights and Advice. I’d love to hear from you.