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Author Bio

My name is Sarah.

I am many things…

  • Manager of a Resort
  • Mother of two dangerously active children
  • Mother to two smart and extremely capable young noodles
  • Wife of a half crazy yet loving man
  • Cook, baker and grill master
  • Balancer of time and priorities (this I’m not so good at)
  • Web designer and marketer
  • Lover of the Lord Jesus – for he is my Savior

Here are things I love…

  • Hearing my kids say things no adult should ever say
  • Helping others
  • Colors – All of them
  • Clothes (colorful clothes are better)
  • Music, playing the piano
  • Writing and photography
  • Hearing people’s stories
  • Learning
  • Teaching others

I’m sure there should be more on the page, but I feel strange talking about myself…

…You are always welcome to reach out to me if you have questions or ideas. Thanks!